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Power Flushing

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Power Flushing Services

The process involves flushing out your central heating system using a branded cleaning agent throughout the entire system to remove black sludge and other foreign bodies that may be present.


The Common Symptoms’

• Does your central heating system suffer from any of the following symptoms?
• Does your existing central heating system to a very long time to heat up?
• Is one or more of your radiators cold in the middle or at the bottom?
• Is one or more of your rooms always colder than others?
• Do you constantly have to bleed your radiators?
• Has your boiler become noisy lately?

If your central heating system suffers for one or more of these symptoms’ you probably require a power flush. Your central heating system is suffering from a build up of sludge over time making it now less efficient and more costly to run. In a nut shell, you are wasting money on your energy bills.

The Solution
Now having your central heating power flushed is now one of the most popular and efficient methods of cleaning same.

The Benefits’
• Extending the current lifecycle of your heating system and its relative components
• The increased overall efficiency of your central heating system
• Increased savings resulting in lower household energy bills
• Reduced CO2 emissions
• Reduced boiler noises

Power Flushing Services Now Available

If you are thinking of having your central heating power flushed and would like a free technical survey and quotation simply fill out our contact form. Alternatively, you can contact Associate Response on 020 8366 6420.