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Blocked Drain Services

With 25 years working in the industry, Associate Response is the number one solution provider for blocked drains in the London area. If you require our help immediately or perhaps you just require some tips, our extensive range of knowledge when it comes to unblocking drains is second to none.


Associate Response’s customer base extends across all of the greater London area. Since we have been in business, our team have experienced various customers – from business owners to landlords as well as homeowners. Regardless of the type of customer, there is one thing that they all have in common – loyalty to our blocked drain services. Anytime a previous customer of ours has a new issue with their drain, we are first called and first to respond. Our team accredits this to the level of trust that we have built up with our customers while delivering excellent drain unblocking services on a consistent basis.

A dedicated staff member from the Associate Response team will always be on hand to answer any of your questions in relation to blocked drains. Do you have a blocked drain in the London area? Get in touch with us today.

Above all, our emergency plumbing services ensure that you save money in the long run. Water damage can cost quite a lot to repair once the damage is done. Furthermore, what we can guarantee is to swiftly stop any leak to ensure your problem does not spiral out of control. It is our mission to provide emergency plumbing services for problems that just cannot wait. If you been let down by another plumber, give us a call for an industry leading service. Any type of plumbing emergency can be diagnosed and repaired permanently by our team of skilled professionals.



The Associate Response team only use the latest and greatest tools to unblock drains or any type of blockages that may occur on your property. If there is a major blockage that needs swift attention, our team use a high powered drain jetting unit. For jobs that would involve a blockage on a small drain, it would be common for our team to use a plumbers snake. A blockage in your drain that is caused by a build-up of dirt or other material, the plumber’s snake would be our tool of choice to unblock the drain.

Commonly, most drain blockages are caused by:

  • Tree leaves
  • Grease blockage
  • Paper that has built up over time
  • Foreign materials
  • Dirt and gunge

Regardless of what is causing the blockage within your drain or pipes, It’s guaranteed that Associate Response has the necessary tools to clear all types of blockages that have occurred on your property.


There are a number of indications that will allow you to be certain that you have a blockage:

Sewer Drains: It is quite common for your sewer drain to become blocked by paper waste from your toilet, food through your kitchen sink and materials from your washing machine.

Some of the symptoms of a blockage include:

  • Water rising when the toilet is flushed
  • Discharge when flushing
  • The sink and shower are slow draining

It is vital to rectify the problem as soon as possible to ensure no water damage is caused to your home or business.

From our own experience, we have found that the majority of blocked drains that we service are caused by tree roots. The drain becomes blocked as once a crack has formed in the drain, the root of the tree will enter the drain to get the nutrients from it.

Other common caused of drain blockages included:

  • Foreign materials or waste within the drain which could include rocks, paper, etc.
  • Slopes within the drainage system lead to heavier materials being unable to flow correctly through the drainage system
  • Inappropriate materials being flushed down toilets or have come through a sink

There is normally a much larger problem with your drain if there is a recurring blockage. If you have received professional blockage services from a plumber and the blockage continues to persist, a camera inspection would be the next step to finding the solution. The camera will allow you to find exactly what is causing the drain to keep blocking. Once the problem has been found a drain unblocking solution can then be applied.

There are times when the blockage is a simple one and the solution can be to use a plunger. The plunger will push any food wastage or build-up of hair down the drain. However if the blockage continues after using the plunger we would recommend calling a professional to examine the blocked drain.

No. The Jet Flusher technology allows for the removal of all blockages without causing any harm to the drain itself.



When you call on Associate Response to unblock your drain, we guarantee that 99% of all blockages will be cleared within the hour.


We provide our customers with a 30-day callback warranty. That means that if your drain becomes blocked, a member of our team will return to your property to clear any blockages.


We promise to provide a transparent process from start to finish. All prices are fixed and you will not face any additional add-on fees for our drain blocking services in London.


Do you have a question about a blockage at home? Feel free to fill in our contact form and a member of our team will be happy to assist you.


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